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If you're looking for the very best implant dentist in Boston, you should look no further than Zircteeth. Our specialists are very adept at performing implant surgery, and providing our patients with natural-looking smiles, as well as fully functional teeth for speaking and eating. Your whole family will benefit by taking advantage of our services, and we'll also work with you to make sure the cost is compatible with your budget. If anyone in your family is in need of dental implants, contact us before anyone else and you'll end up being very happy with the decision to choose Zircteeth.

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As you might expect, there are literally tons of dental clinics in the Boston area that can provide implant dentistry to handle replacement of your missing tooth or teeth. It isn't really necessary to conduct a personal tour of each of these, since you can obtain the necessary information simply by doing some good online research.

One great way of accomplishing this will be to read through some of the online customer reviews of patients who have undergone implant surgery at any given clinic. You may also have some friends or relatives who can enthusiastically recommend one particular practitioner or another. Chances are, many of these recommendations will lead you to the best restorative dentists in town, the staff at Zircteeth.

Meet Our Dental Implants Specialist in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA

Dr. Ziad Eskandar

Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Implantology

Highest Level of Certification Awarded for Distinguished Implant Excellence.

Innovative. Professional. Friendly.

Dr. Eskandar graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine with honors in 2008. He has done several oral surgery externships in hospitals around the country including New York University, Tufts University, Washington Hospital and Boston Medical Center.

Dr. Eskandar has taken extensive advanced training in implant dentistry. He has been part of humanitarian missions to underserved areas.

Dr. Eskandar is very passionate about his profession, and he always strives to be updated on the most recent advances in dentistry by dedicating his time to continuing education.

He believes in conservative and preventive dentistry as the best approach to treating patients. And also believes that informing and educating patients is an essential part of the dental practice.

When he is not practicing, he enjoys music, guitar playing and soccer.

Dr Eskandar Ziad, Dental Implants Dentist at Zircteeth


We work to meet all of your family's dental needs by offering a wide range of comprehensive dental services, some of which include
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Why Choose Dental Implants for Missing Teeth Solutions?

These days, dental implants are a highly desirable option for tooth replacement, because they fulfill patients' needs in the most optimal manner. Dental implants are a very solid way to replace a missing tooth, because implants actually mimic the role played by tooth roots, and anchor the tooth to the jawbone. In terms of their appearance and functionality, they are the closest thing to having your natural teeth in place. Most people will eventually lose at least one tooth, and when that happens, your first choice should be a dental implant. In , as elsewhere around the country, dental implants remain the best option for replacement.

Insurance coverage for Dental Implants

Many dental insurance carriers will provide up to 50% coverage on major procedures like dental implants. That means you may be obliged to pay for part of the cost out-of-pocket. Zircteeth offers financing in the form of our Care Credit program, so that any patient who really wants dental implants can have the means to make it happen. By arranging for affordable monthly payments, we can help you to pay for the cost of dental implants that you or a family member might need. We offer this kind of program because we're aware that implants can be costly, and that many families might need assistance in managing that cost.

At Zircteeth we offer 3 options

1- In-House Payment Plan

Payment in full with 3% discount

2- Sunbit or CareCredit

Offer monthly payments with no downpayment. SUNBIT requires no hard credit check. CareCredit does require credit check.

3- My Care Finance

Requires a downpayment and a bank account. This option offers multiple monthly payment options
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Cost of Implants

At Zircteeth, we pride ourselves on being very transparent with the cost of dental implants

All products used in our Zircteeth procedures are FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and ADA (American Dental Association) approved.

For patients who need a full bridge (full arch/jaw), there are four different state-of-the-art options:

Regular Zirconia


/ per arch


For both arches top and bottom
Esthetic Zirconia


/ per arch


For both arches top and bottom
Regular Zirconia with bone regeneration


/ per arch


For both arches top and bottom
Esthetic Zirconia with bone regeneration


/ per arch


For both arches top and bottom
Regular Zirconia


 per arch
Based on the need for bone graft
Esthetic Zirconia

$25k -$30k

per arch
Based on the need for bone graft

For patients who need a single implant, there are three scenarios:


no bone graft or sinus lift needed,
price does not include extractions


if there is not enough bone for the implant, we rebuild the needed bone with a procedure called bone graft


Single implant with sinus lift (Sinus Augmentation)

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants in Jamica Plain, Boston, MA

This process involves replacing all the teeth in a patient's mouth. At Zircteeth, we have experts who are quite adept at installing all-on-4 dental implants, which requires only four implants to be installed when replacing all the teeth on an upper or lower arch. If you're considering this as a tooth replacement option, contact us at Zircteeth, so we can consult with you on what will be necessary, and what you can expect as a final result. Full mouth reconstruction sounds a lot more imposing than it really is, so don't let the term intimidate you. Our specialists can make the entire process happen without requiring patients to go through any kind of pain or discomfort, and the end result will be something you can really be proud of. Contact us so we can discuss the process with you, and answer any of your questions.

Our Technology

We create customized bridges using our in-house 3D printer and our Milling Unit.
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Dr. Eskandar will direct superb implant placement utilizing Planmeca 3D Scanner Imaging technology to ensure the Optimum Results in Dental Implant Placement.

Planmeca 3D Scanner technology, an advanced type of digital radiography provides us with a 3-dimensional digital image of your entire mouth, even areas that are not commonly visible to the human eye like the structures beneath your teeth and gums.

Patient Before and Afters

We are so proud of our work, we take our pictures with a smart phone. No edits, no filters, no alterations whatsoever so you can see the real thing.

Lu: Before Zircteeth Lu: After Zircteeth Lu: Before Zircteeth Lu: After Zircteeth
Robert: Before Zircteeth Robert: After Zircteeth Robert: Before Zircteeth Robert: After Zircteeth
Tom: Before Zircteeth Tom: After Zircteeth Tom: Before Zircteeth Tom: After Zircteeth
Jerardo: Before Zircteeth Jerardo: After Zircteeth Jerardo: Before Zircteeth Jerardo: After Zircteeth

Our Patient Testimonials

Meet Christine

"Now I can smile again!"
Christine knew she had to do something. She couldn't smile, she couldn't eat and was visiting the dentist almost every month. Now she loves her smile.

Meet Robert

"I saw Dr. Eskandar's commercial and I ran over here.. He changed my life for the better!"
Robert didn't understand why his other dentist couldn't screw in his dentures. Dr. Eskandar could and now Robert feels great!
Danielle Homepage Review
Danielle Dearaujo
My family are patients since 2016…. Doctors and their Staff are awesome. They do a very thorough job on your mouth from cleaning to implants… Very nice and clean environment, good vibes, the front desk Staff is very friendly, professional and helpful. I’m glad I found an amazing dentist Dr Eskandar who’s taking a good care of my family and my smile 😀…I highly recommend!"
Jack Roads
Dr Eskandar did 4 implants on me about 8 years ago and I've had no trouble with them at all. They were a perfect fit no grinding the crowns down. He was great in his work and very friendly. I would recommend him above anyone else.
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