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What Are Implant-Supported Dental Bridges?

Implant-supported dental bridges are a great way of replacing as many as three to five teeth in your mouth, and they don't require the support of surrounding teeth, as conventional bridges do. That means you don't really have to worry about surrounding teeth which are decayed, loosened, or which have gum disease. Here's our blog titled "Implant-Supported Dentures Vs Traditional Dentures" which gives a comparative analysis of both the dentures including the pros and cons of each.

In the past, this situation would have resulted in early failure of the bridge, but with the better technology available now, this shortcoming can be overcome. As opposed to removable partials or fixed bridges, an implant-supported bridge can preserve your chewing and biting ability, and it can help maintain an attractive smile for you. These bridges also help to support the integrity of your jawbone, wherever implants have been installed.

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Reasons to Consider Implant-Supported Bridges

When both the tooth and root are damaged, the best permanent replacement is a implant-supported bridge in conjunction with a ceramic crown. This solution both looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

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Implant-Supported Bridge Treatment

Dental Implants for natural-looking results

The treatment for implant-supported dental bridges calls for a dental implant to be inserted into the jawbone, thus creating a solid anchor when the jawbone fuses with the titanium implant also known as Osseointegration. Then a laboratory will prepare a bridge of teeth which matches the existing shading of your other teeth, as well as their shape and size. The bridge then gets attached to the implants, and at that point, you will have a solid solution for your missing teeth. After the initial procedure has been completed, you will probably have some routine follow-up sessions with your dentist, so that the integration of your implants can be evaluated. This ensures that successful integration has taken place between the jawbone and the titanium implants.

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Pros and Cons of an
Implant-supported Bridge

Aside from the obvious benefit of looking
beautiful and restoring your smile, implant supported bridges are truly beneficial to your overall oral health. Some benefit include:

As with any type of surgical procedure, there are pros and cons associated with having implant-supported bridges installed. One of the disadvantages is that it takes longer to be fit for implant-supported dental bridges than it would for a traditional bridge. It will also take several months to complete and several appointments will be necessary. Implant-supported bridges are also more expensive than traditional bridges are, and if it's not covered under your dental insurance, you'd be obliged to pay for it out-of-pocket.

Some medical conditions will also rule you out as a good candidate for implant-supported dental bridges, for instance having inadequate bone density in your jaw. On the plus side of the ledger, implant-supported bridges are extremely stable and basically permanent once installed. They also provide for superior chewing and biting capability, and they fully restore the great smile you used to have. This in turn, leads to having more self-confidence and a more positive outlook on things in general.

What is the Cost?

Depending on how many teeth you have missing, the cost of an implant-supported dental bridge could be as much as $15,000, or as little as $5,000. In some cases, your dental insurance may cover a portion of this cost, so it will definitely be to your advantage to consult with your carrier to see how much coverage you would have before proceeding.

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