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How Should You Pick Your Dental Implant Provider?

The decision to receive  All on 4 or another type of dental implant is not always an easy one. You have many factors to consider, including your budget and overall oral health. Deciding who to select as a dental implant provider can be challenging as well. The staff at Zircteeth understands your concerns and offers several tips on choosing the best dental implant dentist for you.

How Much Experience and Education Does the Dental Implant Provider Have?

General dentists complete an undergraduate degree and then spend another two to four years in dental school. Dental specialists, such as those who install implants, complete even more education and supervised training. For example, endodontists are dentists who place dental implants (endodontists typically specialize in root canals). They complete approximately three years of additional training once they graduate from dental school. The more specialized training a dentist has, the more confident you can feel that you are receiving top-notch care.

As important as education and supervised training are, remember that there is simply no substitute for actual experience working with patients. Be sure to ask each dental implant specialist you speak to how many years of experience they have and approximately how many procedures they have completed. However, keep in mind that the best dental implant specialists strike a fine balance between treating a lot of patients and spending time perfecting their skills. You want to choose a provider who dedicates time to learning the latest technology to improve the patient experience.

Is the Dentist Willing to Offer Referrals?

Any dental implant specialist can post patient testimonials on their website that only highlight their best qualities. While these are informative, you can get the best sense of whether you should work with a provider by speaking to past patients directly or reading reviews at a third-party website. The benefit of choosing the latter is that no one can pay to influence their ratings or choose only the most favorable reviews to share.

Any dentist can have a few negative reviews, and that does not need to concern you too much. No one is perfect, and some patients have unreasonably high expectations that their endodontist could not possibly meet. You do want to take notice and avoid scheduling a consultation with any provider who has multiple negative reviews that cite the same problems or one who is defensive when responding to reviews.

Makes Appropriate Recommendations

Most people can benefit from dental implants, and they are an excellent choice because they are the most like natural teeth of any tooth replacement option. Even someone who initially does not have enough bone structure to hold an implant in place can be a good candidate since the dentist can transfer small pieces of bone from elsewhere. Dental implants are still not right for everyone, and you want to work with a provider who is honest enough to tell you so and recommend another option.

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